beaches near Kali on Manus Island, PNG, note people involved with sago making

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The Manusian people, culture, organizations and places that make this a great province of Papua New Guinea

Manus Commentary
· Manus 2000-2002 development plan
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· "Manus into the year 2000" - Radio Manus Program Series
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Manus Identity
· The Flag Design
read Luke Bulei, flag designer comments
· The Flag Design - Criticism
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read The Flag - A True Manus Symbol

Manus - history, culture & society
· Cultural-history of the people of Nali, Ere, Kele & Lelemasih
read Pokop of Pohyomou - stories with glossary - Dr. Bernard Minol, UPNG

Special Notes & Announcements

In Memorium - Bernard Borok - RIP 2003

This week is a sad one for Manus Province and all Manusians as we mourn the passing away of great Manus character.  As a kiap and a high government official Bernard Borok was the supreme diplomat.  He was a friend to all he served and worked with and was enemy to none.

The news is still not very clear at the moment but I understand Bernard passed away on Wednesday 5 February at the Lorengau General Hospital.  I also understand a state funeral is being arranged for him in Lorengau before he is laid to rest.

Our condolences go to his family and loved ones.

May He Rest In Peace.

Bernard Minol, University of Papua New Guinea [] Friday, 7 February 2003 9:01

Frequently Asked Questions About Manus

Question:  Where did the name "Manus" come from?
"To the best of my knowledge from my previous understandings and refering to anthropological books, the name Manus is a traditional name for a group of fishing people who inhabilt coastal areas of Manus Island.  The name Manus differentiates them from other groups with differing customs and languages. Margaret Mead, the anthropologist, in her book Growing up in New Guinea stayed and studied Manus people.  There is also a book put out by the Alfred Buhler collection, Museum der Kulturen, Basel, called An Ethnology of the Admiralty Islanders which also may be of interest.

These people were good seafarers and traders.  There is a traditional story that they arrive in the Admiralty Islands some hundred of years ago sailing in 200 canoes from the east... [Q.R. in response to email question from Germany by a person with surname "Manus"]
Manus Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea location near northern Australia and south east of SE Asia
MAP showing MANUS ISLAND's location in Papua New Guinea - note North Australia on bottom left - CLICK FOR MAP ENLARGEMENT

Oldest and main church at the ECOM Evangelical Church of Manus *(ECOM) Headquarters at Lugos Mission Station

photo of church on Manus from missionary work of Friedrich Doepke and his wife Maria Doepke who were among the first white people to come to N’Dranou and Yiringou in 1926
Manusians - the people & places
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Kali and area
CLICK FOR PHOTO OF KALI PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN photo collage of people in different places on Manus, building, eating, studying, walking,  as well as new Buddish retreat center - CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO
· 2007 News - 10 room guest house in Lorengau, Kali undergoing guest house on Kali Island is closed for extensive renovations.
· Diaspora - where in the world?

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photo collage of Manus men and women in different locations including Buddist retreat near Kali
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More Photos of Manus

  • see also photos of Manus taken in 1972 by Mr. Dan Davis who " the US Navy and while aboard the USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) ... visited Manus Island"

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